911 twelve years on

hi from paul in barnsley. I was age 33 when i went out on my motor bike near to selby ,york to see mick. he had a car garage but he was not in.

i could see the red arrows flying formation in the sky – i went in there direction -( 10 years on john egging age 33 crashes in his red arrows jet at a display ,sadly he died.)

there was a street fighter motor bike show at an air field, then later on ,i called in to wakefield – ossett to see a guy i used to work with when i was an apprentice – fitter at the pit – ( with some qualifications )

he was not there so i headed home . one of the last things i can rememder was a very fast black car crossing a bridge

as i traveled on the duel carageway i could only use the fast lane due to road works,traffic cones and speed restriction.

it was very strange sliding along the road watching my motor bike upright travelling against the central reservation – ( crash barriers ) it then veered left i was sliding towards Wakefield feet then head first.

i keep having flash backs (long term memory hippocampus) of a 5 series black b.m.w and the driver looking out at me.
He had good car control.

then i went to leeds l.g.i hospital.

After two weeks I was moved to Barnsley Hospitals rehabilitation facility at Keresforth. On TV was a jet plane crashing into a building. Jayne Stanley said on BBC news that they had a report that a third building had collapsed. Over her soulder it was still standing.

I asked the nurse who walked into my room about the third building. She said there was no third building that had collapsed.

on the road to recovery i decided to make a nature reserve for disabled people to visit free of charge.they may want to water the plants ,fill up a bird feeder or plant flowers, a shrub or even a tree if they desired or just study the nature and then they may learn more about conservation and sustainability, bio diversity the joy’s of wild life, – ecological systems, nature, conservationglobal warming , positive feed back loops

its pricesless and up to us all to take care of our world for future generations.

i once heard a man say “theres more money in property than drugs.
There’s only one problem we can’t build them fast enough”.

He took me for a special sky diving treat to Hibaldstow and dirty low skydiving into trees.

Made me think that money is the root of all evil.

1. when the last tree is cut down,

2. when the last fish is caught,

3. – you can’t eat money

please – give hope to future generations

don’t be selfish. -our legacys count

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