ethics and morality and conservation

photo 13I was talking to a wealthy business man / farmer. I said to him that i was trying to buy a peace of land LEGALLY to make a nature reserve for disabled people to visit. They could fill the bird feeders or plant a flower, shrub or a tree if they wished.

The farmer said to me that “disabled people were not much use for anything” and if i wanted to leave a positive legacy I should give him all my money.

I said to him “What as he done to help anyone else?” The farmer said that he’d had a large family I wanted to ask him it was also my intension to invite school parties free of charge to visit and their teachers could then learn the young generations about nature and conservation.

What a wonderful world and how we should take great care of it for future generations. I wanted to ask him – if they were also a waste of time. Sadly he doesn’t call in as he has now died. Some say he was a good man and he said he had a large family.


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