No Planning Permission

the farmer was very angry with me because i had the power cable marked out with wooden posts.I was concerned as the last thing i wanted to do was dig in to a power cable.
some good advice

I sold my home to finance my nature reserve determined that my life was worthwhile and I may leave a positive legacy for future generations.

I passed a Christian farmer a piece of paper which said I am about to purchase a parcel of land out lined in red,(farmers map.) It is my intention to take this land out of agriculture and transform it in to a nature reserve.
This will mean planting shrubs, trees and digging a pond and to promote biodiversity if I need planning permission please send me the relevant forms. I handed this personally to the farmer, and said add anything else which my help and send it your friend who works for Beverley council please.
A year went passed and I had heard nothing about any planning permission. I learned a valuable lesson – trust no-one – and money is the root. If a jobs worth doing. Do it your self, whenever possible.
I purchased an old static caravan for £2000 cash from a parish councillor.  It was delivered up to his fathers field (out lined with a red circle) for me. with out-(ANY PLANNING)
The only reason that i bought it is that i may get some -( HELP and support)- I moved it from where they left it and moved it to the top side of the underground waste water pipe i planned a view from the caravan -( BAP ) – biodiversity .action .plan wild flowers over water water pipe then my reeds next to a pond then shrubs and trees.
– THE START OF – SUNNY BANK EARTH CENTRE-S.S.I – – utopia – – S.D.N.R.F special disabled neurological rehabilitation facility life is what you make it, live and learn.
I moved my digger from the land down the road to Cowden to an acquaintances farm. I dug him a wildlife pond, he let me keep the digger there for some time. There was a pub called the Blue Boar just where I met Kim. Another Parish councillor. I asked him for his help also.
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