Sparrow Hawk Listens to Prince Charles

We are living at a strange time in history.

The weather paterns are becoming chaotic – heatwaves – drouts – floods – hurricanes .

The capitalist systems creaking under stress for G.D.P = growth at any cost– when the money is gone their true nature is revealed.


recession ,inflation ,depression ,stagflation are just symptoms of the gready people.

CAUSE and EFFECT – two small to fail and too big to bail out.

GAIA THEORY – we will reap what we sow – a librarian once said to me
(panentheism rules ko).

My name is PAUL i am trying to buy a peace of land legaly to make a very special nature reserve


special disabled neurological rehabiliation facility.

following a very serious motor bike incident i spent some time on life support.

On the road to recovery i decided to make a nature reserve open free for disabled


quiet and peacefull where you may study the wildlife or even plant a flower,shrub

or a tree.

trying to make the world a better place and to leave it in good health for future generations.

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