2012 The start of a new age

Weather paterns are changing – causes and predictions are many . One thing is for sure, I am looking forward to 2012.

Individuation – i have tried my best up-to date to buy a piece of land legally to make a very special nature reserve called Sunny Bank Earth centre ssi.

it was my intention to leave it for future generations to be used for good and for education.

We should take great care of the earth – it’s for all life to encounter not just for the capitalist system to milk it dry.

The librarian from st Andrews hospital said -( pantheism rules – ko ) books on – – ontology and epistemology.

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Sparrow Hawk Listens to Prince Charles

We are living at a strange time in history.

The weather paterns are becoming chaotic – heatwaves – drouts – floods – hurricanes .

The capitalist systems creaking under stress for G.D.P = growth at any cost– when the money is gone their true nature is revealed.


recession ,inflation ,depression ,stagflation are just symptoms of the gready people.

CAUSE and EFFECT – two small to fail and too big to bail out.

GAIA THEORY – we will reap what we sow – a librarian once said to me
(panentheism rules ko).

My name is PAUL i am trying to buy a peace of land legaly to make a very special nature reserve


special disabled neurological rehabiliation facility.

following a very serious motor bike incident i spent some time on life support.

On the road to recovery i decided to make a nature reserve open free for disabled


quiet and peacefull where you may study the wildlife or even plant a flower,shrub

or a tree.

trying to make the world a better place and to leave it in good health for future generations.

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I have a dream – land wanted

– { so just imagine if people could make the world a better place } –

i sold my house – sunny bank in 0.6 acres of land with covenants

only one house on this land -and could be only 50% bigger,

covernents on the stone man – makimaki to stay ,also the time capsule which said –


– – also to stay – –


So with the money from my house sale i – thought i may buy a peace of land legally.
i my leave a posative legacy for future generations

sunny bank – earth centre s.s.i –
special. disabled .neurological .reabilitation .facility

promoting – conservationbio diversity – and sustainability.

our legacy count – – – live and learn

following a very serious motorcycle incident – i thought i should learn about ethics , moralityindividuationontology and Epistemology.

– every day is a learning day –

They say we have only 7 – 12 years to reverse the trends of the human race before we reach a tipping point . sadly there are many people on this world population of 7 billion some of which may  -greedy avaricious patronizing and condesending

So if it’s of no concern to you how we behave, just crack on like a numpty.

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Little Owl comes and visits

Here’s a video of a little own that has started coming to the bird feeder.

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Sparrow Hawk Grabs Woodpecker

This woodpecker is feeding it’s young. At the end of the video watch closely for the sparrow hawk swooping in and the bang as it and the woodpecker hits my motorhome.

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Woodpecker & Rainbow

To encourage wildlife and conservation, if you place some bird feeders up around your home you may have a pleasant surprise.

Habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate. I have trees in plant pots to encourage wildlife and hope to plant these trees someday on my own land.

We all need to encourage wildlife and conservation in our own homes and villages. This is for future generations. When you look back in years to come you will see a difference. Not everyone is intent on destroying something that has took millions of years to evolve.

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Report from Barnsley Council

I got a report from barnsley council for my home SUNNY BANK.


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No Planning Permission

the farmer was very angry with me because i had the power cable marked out with wooden posts.I was concerned as the last thing i wanted to do was dig in to a power cable.
some good advice

I sold my home to finance my nature reserve determined that my life was worthwhile and I may leave a positive legacy for future generations.

I passed a Christian farmer a piece of paper which said I am about to purchase a parcel of land out lined in red,(farmers map.) It is my intention to take this land out of agriculture and transform it in to a nature reserve.
This will mean planting shrubs, trees and digging a pond and to promote biodiversity if I need planning permission please send me the relevant forms. I handed this personally to the farmer, and said add anything else which my help and send it your friend who works for Beverley council please.
A year went passed and I had heard nothing about any planning permission. I learned a valuable lesson – trust no-one – and money is the root. If a jobs worth doing. Do it your self, whenever possible.
I purchased an old static caravan for £2000 cash from a parish councillor.  It was delivered up to his fathers field (out lined with a red circle) for me. with out-(ANY PLANNING)
The only reason that i bought it is that i may get some -( HELP and support)- I moved it from where they left it and moved it to the top side of the underground waste water pipe i planned a view from the caravan -( BAP ) – biodiversity .action .plan wild flowers over water water pipe then my reeds next to a pond then shrubs and trees.
– THE START OF – SUNNY BANK EARTH CENTRE-S.S.I – – utopia – – S.D.N.R.F special disabled neurological rehabilitation facility life is what you make it, live and learn.
I moved my digger from the land down the road to Cowden to an acquaintances farm. I dug him a wildlife pond, he let me keep the digger there for some time. There was a pub called the Blue Boar just where I met Kim. Another Parish councillor. I asked him for his help also.
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Ethics and Morality

Every day is a learning day – give hope to future generations.

Every day I try to help others because I can and not for money, but because the world may be a little better, if people where not driven by money alone.

I believe you should treat people as you find them – they may be fair and reasonable .

On the other hand people can be greedyavaricious, patronising and condescending. Sadly the world is so very short, lacking fair and reasonable people.

What a great shame for the earth and all that live there.

money is the root, the futures bright

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Plot of land required


following a very serious motorcycle incident I spent sometime on life support, on the road to recovery I decided to develop a special disabled neurological rehabilitation facility. Give hope to future generations, don’t be selfish – OUR LEGACY’S COUNT.

I am very keen to acquire a plot of land, LEGALLY, either by purchase or some joint venture and to develop it into a nature reserve.

Ideally the site could be upto 20 acres, although I can cope with a slightly larger site. I do have experience of this work.

My aim is to develop a site which would improve the quality of the natural local environment and provide an opportunity for people with disabilities and schools to work in or just visit the  nature reserve.

Another aim is also to develop a site to promote bio-diversity, conservation, ecological systems and sustainability.

I would be particularly anxious to prevent commercial development of the site and understand the principles of establishing covenants and the like.

If you have or are aware of a site which may be of interest to me I would be grateful if you could contact me on 07855 158033.

I am dsylexic and would prefer to talk on the telephone rather than converse via email



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